There are 355 officially recognized higher education institutions in 165 cities and areas throughout Germany. Overall German universities and colleges offer more than 13,500 undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs. For application and accepted in Germany needed only baccalaureate (or higher MBA) education and a certificate attesting to knowledge of German (intake can become certified in English).
Another great advantage of German universities is that students themselves can choose what lectures and seminars to attend (the exercises are necessarily embedded in the program). Students have complete freedom to decide at any teacher / professor to enroll for the exam. Last but not least – student fees at German universities are much lower than tuition fees in most countries of Europe and the European Union.

The package of services we offer covers every step of the admission procedure – from the decision to study in Germany to record your institution and includes:
• Detailed information concerning the characteristics of higher education, procedures and deadlines;
• screening and selection of schools offering the chosen specialty;
• accurate and clear information on procedures, deadlines for application and admission requirements in your selected universities;
• submissions in 5 university * and profiling;
• confirmation of admission;
• clear and accurate information about the rights and opportunities that await you in Germany (health insurance, job opportunity and etc.).
Package price: 800 euro

IMPORTANT! Admission campaign for the September 2016 start in the summer.
* Due to the similarity in educational systems and applications in Germany and Austria, the choice of 5 universities in the paid package IRIS CORPORATION may include educational institutions of both countries.

For more information about the program and the application procedure, please contact us at info@iris-corporation.com